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Not Another Gear Review

You're not defined by your gear kit

Let's face it: we've all been there. That dreaded moment that makes you wonder what you're doing wrong that others seem to be doing so right. You know the feeling: Gear Envy. In the age of YouTube, it's inescapable. One minute you think you've finally assembled the perfect kit and the next you're regretting every decision you've ever made. But, as difficult a concept as it is to accept, you're not defined by your gear kit.

Filmmaking tools are awesome. They're the excitement that we live on. When you buy something new to add to your kit, you want to share it with the world. And YouTubers were no different. But nowadays, it seems that gear reviews are becoming more and more prevalent, and they are becoming rather selective in the way they come across. But at the end of the day, those exciting reviews and buying suggestions may have a deeper motivation than just helpful suggestions from industry professionals.

Affiliation links are the new way of making money through content creation. And while there's nothing wrong with monetizing your popularity, there's an ethical line that should be drawn at how you present your suggestions to others. If the Fyre fiasco has taught us anything, it's that influential endorsement can easily run amuck. The FOMO of not buying the latest camera, microphone, lighting kit, or stabilizer may be strong, but the reality is that most of the tools and toys that flash across your screen are not essential gear that you need to be successful.

Filmmaking happens in many forms. The cameras on our cell phones today are leagues better than the cameras that were used to shoot Hollywood blockbusters of a decade ago. And the reason a cell phone video from 2017 doesn't hold it's value the same as a Hollywood film from 1997 all comes down to quality of production, not quality of picture. The best investment you can make is an investment in your skills and experience, not your gear kit.

Being a great filmmaker is being an excellent problem solver. You don't need all the latest gadgets to make your footage look great. Films have been made for way before gimbal stabilizers and robotic sliders. Some stories don't need cinematic camera movement to be engaging and entertaining. The best cameras in the world can't replace meaningful story development and creative editing. Focus on being the best filmmaker you can be, and that will take you much further than any piece of gear ever could.

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