Lucas Hastings, Cinematographer

I grew up in a small town in Delaware. From a young age, I found my passion in creating videos and short films. Everything from music videos to school projects: if there was a story I could tell, I told it through film. I spent the beginning of my filmmaking career teaching myself how to do just about everything. I first learned to shoot video on a VHS camcorder, and first learned to edit using a jerry-rigged series of VCRs and a tape deck. From that humble beginning, I learned the secret behind every filmmaking principle: problem-solving. 


Growing as a filmmaker is something that I will never quit doing. Every time I pick up the camera, I push myself to do better. Whether it’s nailing a perfect pan, or smoothly shifting exposure, each time I hit record I try to improve. Perfection is a word that does exist in filmmaking, although I strive for it each and every shot. 


Being a filmmaker is not a job, it’s a journey. It’s understanding where you came from, accepting where you are, and pushing yourself toward the future. You only fail when you stop trying. This is my journey as a filmmaker, as a storyteller, and as a person.